Charlie Lewis

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Charlie Lewis

Vice President of Venture Development and Physical Sciences

Charlie Lewis manages the creation and growth of new ASU spin-out companies. He brings 20 years of entrepreneurial and private equity experience to Skysong Innovations. Prior to joining Skysong Innovations, Lewis served as general partner for two Arizona venture capital funds, Arris Ventures and Paradise ’94. He directed the investment committee responsible for analyzing due diligence findings and appropriating more than $25 million in private capital with an emphasis on early-stage technology companies. During that time, he was involved in the acquisition of three portfolio companies, one by a public corporation (NYSE: IDR).

Prior to his venture fund experiences, Lewis was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Tritium Technologies. There he developed the marketing plan and managed the sales process for the company’s digital vibration attenuation products. He has also served as International Director for Distribution for ANVT, Inc. In that role, he formulated the North American and European distribution plans and gained key insight into international trade relations.

Lewis was a founding partner of Midas Computers after graduating from Arizona State University with a B.S. in computer science. The company designed software tools for small retail businesses and was acquired by POS Systems in 1993.