• Invoices must include the Skysong Innovations Ref #, outside counsel’s corresponding ref #, the title of the invention, and the date and description of the services rendered. Each matter should be on a separate invoice/page.
  • Bills should be received at SI’s office (by email as previously instructed) no later than the 15th of the month following the month in which the work was done.
  • Tasks that can be handled by junior associates and assistants, including but not limited to reviewing declarations, assignments, IDS filings, and routine reporting or reminding activities should be distributed accordingly. A partner with a billing rate of $300+ per hour should not, for example, be personally sending us routine reports or reminders if the partner intends to bill such routine activities at a rate of $300+ per hour.
  • For the sake of continuity, the number of attorneys handling a particular case should be kept to a reasonable minimum.
  • SI should not be billed for certain internal administrative tasks such as conflict checks, docketing, reviewing bills, and file transfers.
  • SI should not be billed for any extensions of time (EOTs) unless approved in advance.
  • SI must have approved all substantive patent work for which SI receives a bill.