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Carbon Negative Air Filter (CNAF)


High carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in indoor air can have negative health effects on occupants, specifically affecting their cognitive function. Conventional air filters are designed to trap debris and dust, but not to reduce CO2 in indoor air. These existing filters are mostly made of spun fiberglass, pleated paper or cloth framed inside cardboard. There are currently no fully bio-based or sustainable air filters available that can absorb CO2 along with debris to improve air quality.

Hemp, which is a naturally available and sustainable resource, has been shown to possess antibacterial properties against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. Recent studies have shown that hemp essential oil can reduce bacterial proliferation, thus proving to be a valid support to reduce microorganism contamination.

Invention Description

Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a sustainable bio-based air filter made from hemp fiber for use in indoor building environments. This filter retains the same ability of current air filters at trapping debris, with the added functionality of sequestering CO2 to enhance air quality. The hemp fibers are coated in hemp essential oils which also have the ability to filter out potential pathogenic bacteria in the air. This filter can easily be fitted into standard HVAC equipment and portable filtering devices.

Potential Applications

  • Air filtration in residential and commercial buildings
  • Targeted filtering of polluted air
  • Portable air filtration devices

Benefits & Advantages

  • Ability to absorb CO2, bacterial pathogens & common air contaminants
  • Made from sustainable and disposable materials
  • Can be implemented in current HVAC systems

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