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Published: 2020-09-18 12:51:46

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Michael Fiacco
Jin Park
Preston Hunter
Shodhan Manda
Amit Sharma

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Jovan Heusser
Director of BD LS
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COVID-19 Testing & Data Management Software

The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the associated disease it causes, COVID-19, have spread globally into a full-blown pandemic, affecting the lives of many throughout the world. Although biotech companies are operating at breakneck speed to develop a vaccine or therapeutic, identification and isolation of cases is still the best approach to facilitate containment and minimize spread. However, with rapid, high-volume testing comes challenges with data management and workflow process optimization to distribute and process the data.


Researchers at the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University have developed novel software which includes automated Testing Service Software (TSS) and Testing Data Management System (TDMS) to manage the complex data required for high throughput COVID-19 diagnostic testing. This software includes a participant portal, administrative portal, results interpretation and quality control module as well as a results report delivery module to facilitate the delivery of test results in less than 24-48 hours. It streamlines the COVID-19 diagnostic testing workflow and is fully customizable based on user needs. The TDMS architecture is able to manage complex data across several orthogonal dimensions e.g. software systems, computing hardware platforms, databases, etc.


This customizable software is able to accurately and securely manage complex data to support high throughput COVID-19 testing and results delivery and help combat the pandemic.


Potential Applications

  • Manages COVID-19 diagnostic testing data from signup to results delivery


Benefits and Advantages

  • Fully customizable components based on user requirements       
  • Securely manages complex data for high throughput COVID-19 diagnostic testing
  • Supports the entire process from signup to delivery of test results        
  • Fast turnaround time: 24-48 hours
  • Scalable to support data management on over 1200 tests/day
        • Able to scale to >5000 tests/day
  • Currently in operation supporting partners across 8 locations throughout Arizona
  • Built in support of high throughput robotics and lab automation to support thousands of tests per day
  • Able to configure testing operations to meet unique user requirements
  • Tracks diagnostic testing on large numbers of high-risk people including healthcare personnel, first responders and critical infrastructure employees  
  • Reports results to the appropriate health service departments for surveillance

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