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Published: 2020-02-26 10:50:53

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Fog Empowered Content Sharing Platform

Content sharing is becoming increasingly digitally based with the growth of user-created content and as organization of content becomes easier digitally.  This digital shift is made possible largely by cloud sharing, a system that enables content to be uploaded to a server and accessed by any devices that have access to the internet.  Although cloud sharing enables users to share content digitally, there are concerns with its security and storage capabilities.  Therefore, developing a new content sharing system that provides the convenience of cloud sharing but addresses issues with security and storage is important to support the ever-growing need for sharing content digitally.


Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a new system for content sharing that utilizes fog networking as the means of connecting devices and enabling real-time screen sharing and conferencing of content, based on proximity of mobile devices being connected.  This system utilizes an app to enable a host device to make a hotspot and generate a code.  This code is shared with the users with whom the host wants to share content.  The users input the code to gain access, the host opens the content to be shared inside the app, and media conferencing can begin.


Users of the app are also equipped with screen capture capabilities and the ability to share 3D models within the app.  The system removes the extra step and storage usage required when cloud sharing.  These enhanced capabilities, coupled with the increased security of being able to directly control who accesses content and the ability to share without access to the internet, enable users to more safely and effectively share content.


Potential Applications

•       Smart phone applications

•       Mobile devices

•       Tablets


Benefits and Advantages

•       Accessibility: No internet connection to function required

•       Security: Resolves privacy issues with using cloud sharing by limiting duration of content availability

•       Storage: Does not require that content being shared be stored in a cloud, solving cloud issues with storage