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Published: 2018-07-09 13:34:20

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Laminated Golf Putter



Putting is a particularly critical part of the game of golf, as it is usually the last thing standing between a golfer and their completion of a hole. When a golfer strokes a putt, two factors are involved in keeping the ball on its intended line: linear and angular momentum. Current putter designs implement a slight loft angle that results in the ball being lifted off the grass when struck. Unfortunately, this causes the ball to backspin upon impact– leaving the trajectory of the ball at the mercy of the texture of the ground it lands on – regardless of the golfer’s technique.


Because of this, golfers often resort to using an unnatural and inconsistent putting form, which results in inconsistent putting performance.  Therefore, a major need exists for a putter face capable of functioning on any style of putting head that induces overspin while simultaneously lifting the ball. This would allow the golfer to reliably impose favorable linear and angular momentum to the ball without altering the user’s natural stroke.


Invention Description


Researchers at the University of Tulsa have tackled these issues through the invention of a novel laminated golf putter head configured to impart overspin without compromising the golfer’s natural stroke form. The putter head utilizes a specific configuration of blade-like elements to ensure the impact force on the ball is above the center of gravity, thereby sending it along a predictable line while imparting overspin on the ball to stabilize its trajectory. The unique design of the blade-like elements utilize positive loft angles to provide overspin without compromising the golfer’s natural swing.  The modular design also provides retrofitting capabilities to existing putters, while also providing customizable blade profiles that directly influences the amount of energy transferred to the ball.


Potential Applications

•       Modular Golf Putter Heads

•       Specialized Golf Equipment


Benefits and Advantages

•       Improves Reliability – Uses a special configuration of blade-like elements to ensure the ball will roll with a reliable, predictable trajectory

•       Versatile – Can be manufactured as an attachment for existing clubs or easily integrated into current manufacturing processes for golf equipment

•       Seamless – Can be readily implemented by the average golfer without any need for adjustment in form or stroke technique