Streamflow Determination from Remote Sensing Imagery

Agriculture/Animal Health

Streamflow Determination from Remote Sensing Imagery

Plant-based Production of an Antibody Therapeutic for West Nile Virus

Vaccine for Preventing Necrotic Enteritis in Poultry

Adsorption and removal of heavy metal ions from water by transition metal dichalcogenides

Microfluidic Light-based Sensor for Chlorine in Water

Integrated Filamentous Algal and Cyanobacterial Process for Manufacturing Biofuels and Co-Products via Fractionation of Flue Gas, Wastewater, and Solid Agricultural Waste

Modified Geminiviral Vectors to Reduce Cell Death & Enhance Expression

Advanced Portable Pathogen Detection System Utilizing Electroflotation

Self-Powered Fishing Net Lighting Modules for Bycatch Reduction

Novel Vectors which Spread from Cell-to-Cell in Plants