Alternative Energy/Biofuels/Bioplastics/Algae

Synthetic Translation-Sensing Riboswitches

Microbial Production of 2-Phenylethanol & 2-Phenylacetic Acid from Renewable Substrates

Synthetic Metabolic Funneling for Biochemical Production

Methods of Increasing Biomass Productivity in Algae Cultures

Integrated Filamentous Algal and Cyanobacterial Process for Manufacturing Biofuels and Co-Products via Fractionation of Flue Gas, Wastewater, and Solid Agricultural Waste

Membrane Carbonation Technology for Efficient CO2 Delivery

Photosynthetic Production of Acyl-CoAs as Precursors for Ethyl Ester Synthesis & Other Chemicals

Photosynthetic Production of Methyl Laurate

Plasmid-Free Systems for Genome Engineering in Polyploid Organisms

Low-Cost Additive Manufacturing of Silver Films for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants