Extraction and Thermal Protection of Phycocyanin

Photosynthetic Organisms & Culture Systems

Extraction and Thermal Protection of Phycocyanin

Soil Inoculants for Restoration of Degraded Arid Soils

Photosystem I-Hydrogenase Chimeras and Processes for Biohydrogen Production

Microbial Electro-Photosynthesis for improving energy conversion efficiency in photosynthetic microorganisms

Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Delivery (ACED)

Methods of Increasing Biomass Productivity in Algae Cultures

Integrated Filamentous Algal and Cyanobacterial Process for Manufacturing Biofuels and Co-Products via Fractionation of Flue Gas, Wastewater, and Solid Agricultural Waste

Membrane Carbonation Technology for Efficient CO2 Delivery

Photosynthetic Production of Acyl-CoAs as Precursors for Ethyl Ester Synthesis & Other Chemicals

Photosystem I-Hydrogenase Chimeras for Making H2 In Vivo