Sound-Assisted Crack Propagation for Semiconductor Wafering


Sound-Assisted Crack Propagation for Semiconductor Wafering

A new class of fast alkali ion conductor: Inorganic plastic crystals

Two-Photon Laser Lithography for Fabrication of XFEL Sample Injectors

MET Based Accelerometer Using Ethylammonium Nitrate (EAN) Based Potassium Iodide Droplets as the Sensing Body

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Rapid and Surfactant-Free Fabrication Method for Sizable Carbon Nanotube Membranes

A Robust Asynchronous Scan Chain and Scanning Mechanism for Testing of Digital VLSI Circuits

A Laser-Based Local Preheating Process to Enhance the as Built Strength Isotropy of the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Part

A Photo-Responsive Zirconium Metal-Organic Framework with Tun-able Optical Band Gap Energy and Ultrahigh Hydrostability