Compact, Residential Wind Power Generation System

Fuel Cells

Compact, Residential Wind Power Generation System

Method and tool to reverse the charges in anti-reflection films used for solar cell applications

Bundle of High Efficiency Vortex Tube Cooler for Air/Gas Drilling

Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Processing Big Data

Boron and Lithium Isotopic Method for Tracing Hydrocarbons and Their By-Products

Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Cells with Electroplated Aluminum Electrodes

Self-Aligned Fabrication of Silicon Heterojunction Interdigitated Back Contact Solar Cells

Electroactive Poly(amidoamine) Organic Polymers (EPOP)

Microbial Electro-Photosynthesis for improving energy conversion efficiency in photosynthetic microorganisms

Low Operating Temperature Na-Fe Redox Battery for High Efficiency, Low-Cost Energy Storage