Compact, Residential Wind Power Generation System

Mechanical and Manufacturing

Compact, Residential Wind Power Generation System

Method and tool to reverse the charges in anti-reflection films used for solar cell applications

Procedure for designing conformal antennas with maximized efficiency bandwidth product

Modular High Resolution X-Ray Tomography System: Source, Sample Manipulation, Detector

Bundle of High Efficiency Vortex Tube Cooler for Air/Gas Drilling

InAs/InAsBi Superlattice Materials for Long Wavelength Infrared Optoelectronic Applications

Condensation Based Contact Angle Goniometer

Boron and Lithium Isotopic Method for Tracing Hydrocarbons and Their By-Products

Laser Scanning Technique For Strain Mapping

Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Cells with Electroplated Aluminum Electrodes