Improved Electrocorticography Array Designs

Advanced Materials/Nanotechnology

Improved Electrocorticography Array Designs

Side-Emitting Optical Fibers as the Next-Generation Reverse Osmosis Membrane Spacer to Mitigate Biofouling

Cobalt-Copper Nanoenabled Electrodes Enhance Selective Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonia for Resource Recovery

Smart needle systems: delivering drug or recovering tissue biopsies by steering through ultrasound tracking, force and shape sensing, image processing, control and manipulation

Cannabinoid Acid Crystalline Forms

Nanotechnology Platform for Identification of Ligand Binding Sites on a Protein

Viral Attachment Blocking Chimera for Antiviral Therapeutics

Scalable Additive Manufacturing of Polymeric Material with Metallic Structures in a Room Environment

Method for Designing Ultra-Compliant Interwoven Meta-Materials

Nanotwinned Ni Films with High Strength and Ductility