Bio-Grafted Silica Sink (BIGSS)

Advanced Materials/Nanotechnology

Bio-Grafted Silica Sink (BIGSS)

Electrospun Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) – L-Arginine Nanofiber Composites for Direct Air Capture of CO2

Novel Modified Surface Attrition Treatment to Generate Corrosion-Resistant Gradient Nano-Grained Surface Layer


HERO (Health of “Ensan” and Road by Bio Oil)

Multi-Functional Modifier for Interface of Bitumen and Aggregate (MIBA)

Poly(Vinyl Guanidine) Polymeric Materials for CO2 Capture

Solid Antistrip for Roads: Amine Impregnated Zeolite (AIZ)

Engineering Amorphous Titanium (Hydr)Oxides Incorporated into Point of Use Activated Carbon Block Filter for Simultaneous Removal of Metallic and Oxo-Anions Removal from Drinking Water

Oil-Treated Plastic for Concrete (OTPC)