High-Efficiency Photocatalytic H2O2 Production

Environmental Remediation/Wastewater Treatment

High-Efficiency Photocatalytic H2O2 Production

Membrane Contactor for Simultaneous Desalination and Co2 Removal From Seawater

Carbon Dioxide Sorbents on Adhesive Film for Efficient Gas Uptake

Poly(Vinyl Guanidine) Polymeric Materials for CO2 Capture

Methods and Systems for Ultra-trace Analysis of Environmental Waters

Parallel In Situ Screening for Optimizing Remediation Strategies for Saturated Contaminated Sites

Soil Inoculants for Restoration of Degraded Arid Soils

Zwitterion Anti-Scaling Membrane Coatings

Engineering Amorphous Titanium (Hydr)Oxides Incorporated into Point of Use Activated Carbon Block Filter for Simultaneous Removal of Metallic and Oxo-Anions Removal from Drinking Water

Oil-Treated Plastic for Concrete (OTPC)