New Sorbent Types for Moisture Swing Technology

Environmental Remediation/Wastewater Treatment

New Sorbent Types for Moisture Swing Technology

Enhancing Biocementation Using Hydrogels

Simultaneous CO2 and NO Control / Nitrous Oxide Generation Technique

Non-Water Soluble Electrospun Polymeric Porous Fibers Containing Nanoparticles to Purify Water

Microwave-Enabled Thermal Remediation of Organic Chemical Contaminated Soils using Dielectric Nanomaterials as Additives

Low Temperature Synthesis of Aluminum Oxide Inside Porous Media

Fabrication of Aluminosilicate Nanorods having Customized Dimensions

Silver Salts and Impregnated Graphenes for Bromide Removal from Drinking Water

A Quick Test Kit to Detect Nanoparticles in Fluids

Nano-Enabled Microwave Pretreatment of Wastewater Sludge to Enhance Subsequent Anaerobic Digestion