Oil-Treated Plastic for Concrete (OTPC)


Oil-Treated Plastic for Concrete (OTPC)

Self-Powered Fishing Net Lighting Modules for Bycatch Reduction

Engineered Bacteria for Hydrolysis of Cellulose and Hemicellulose

Cobalt-Copper Nanoenabled Electrodes Enhance Selective Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonia for Resource Recovery

Membraneless Method for Electricity Generation from Salinity Gradients

In-Ear Wearable Device (EWD) for Real-Time Monitoring of Physiological Parameters and Environmental Conditions

Continuous CO2 Capture Using a CO2 Pump Membrane

Portable Photoelectrocatalytic Device for Water Disinfection

Long Term Uses of Potable Water Containing Silver Disinfectant in High Surface to Volume Ratio Metallic Surfaces

Method and Apparatus Continuous Contacting Tunnel Desalination