Power-Generating Thermogalvanic Bricks


Power-Generating Thermogalvanic Bricks

Flame-Assisted Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for Hybrid Gas Turbine Power Generation

Low-Cost Additive Manufacturing of Silver Films for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants

Electrically Powered Thermochemical Reactor for Two-Step Splitting of Water or Carbon Dioxide

High-Temperature Low-Cost Heater Lamp

Autothermal Direct Air Capture System for Carbon Dioxide

Electrospun K2CO3/Activated-Carbon Composites for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Carbonate-Infused Activated Carbon for Direct Air Capture Sorbents

Doped Zeolite for Tunable Oxygen Separation and Pumping

Optimized Subspace-Based Approach to Synchrophasor Estimation