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Best Value Approach

The Best Value Approach (BVA) technology was authored and developed by Professor Dean Kashiwagi at the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) at Arizona State University (ASU) from 1992–2017. In 2017 Dean Kashiwagi moved PBSRG and the development of the BVA to the Kashiwagi Solution Model (KSM). In 2019, Dr. Kashiwagi utilized dBA students at the SKEMA Business School Project Management dBA program to spread the utilization of the BVA. The BVA technology is constantly being improved and implemented by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi for major stakeholders in the supply chain.


The Best Value Approach technology includes the following components:

1.       Information Measurement Theory (IMT).

2.       Kashiwagi Solution Model (KSM).

3.       Language of Metrics (LOM) [observable and countable].

4.       Industry Structure (IS).

5.       Utilizing the Who Is On My Molecule (WIOMM) .

6.       Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS).

7.       Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS).

8.       Weekly Risk Report (WRR).

9.       Director’s Report (DR).

10.       No Influence Mentoring Model.

11.       No Influence Leadership Model.


BVA technology is utilized to do the following:

1.       Make non-expert vendors become like experts.

2.       Create transparency by creating information that minimizes thinking and decision making.

3.       Creating accountability for a vendor by minimizing the transfer of information.

4.       Identifying an expert using non-technical terms.

5.       Allowing a client to identify, purchase and utilize technical services in areas where they lack competence.

6.       Replace the need for a project manager to gain technical knowledge, manage, direct and control a vendor with the ability to identify and utilize expertise.

7.       Replace the use of competition to lower price with the utilization of expertise to minimize price by utilizing expertise.


The latest BVA information is in the following documents:

•       The Information Measurement Theory Story

•       How to Know Everything Without Knowing Anything Vol. 3

•       2019 Best Value Approach Lessons Learned

•       The Best Value Approach for Vendors



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