Single-cell In Situ DNA and/or RNA Sequencing

Bioanalytical Assays, Chemistries & Devices

Single-cell In Situ DNA and/or RNA Sequencing

Solutions and Gels of One-Dimensional Metal Oxides

Sustainable Dehydrocoupling and Hydrofunctionalization Methods for Preparing Aminosilanes, Polysilazane Coatings, and Silicones

Novel Antibodies for Detecting Gastric Cancer

Simple, Portable, Low-cost, Viral Antigen Detection Method

Sensing the Melting Transition of Semicrystalline Polymers via a Novel Fluorescence Technique

Processing-In-Memory (PIM) Platform for mRNA Quantification

Rapid Detection of Urinary Tract Infections

Tracking Single Molecule Interactions and Dynamics

Method for Increasing Protein Extraction Yield